Design works on installation of engineering networks, reconstruction.

Electrical installations
– High voltage lines, transformers
– Low voltage electrical equipment


Construction of buildings and structures, engineering structures and networks, reconstruction.

– Soil development
– Strengthening and compaction of soils
– drainage works

Construction of structures
– Buildings made of masonry materials up to a height of two or more floors
– Buildings and structures from prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete elements up to two storeys high
– Buildings and structures made of precast-monolithic reinforced concrete
– Buildings and structures from prefabricated elements with a frame from monolithic or precast reinforced concrete
– Monolithic reinforced concrete buildings
– Landscaping works
– Road construction categories III-V
– Takeoff runways
– Bridges carrying metal structures of single-storey buildings
– Bridges carrying metal structures of multi-storey buildings
– Spatial metal structures (such as “Kislovodsk”, “Ural”, “Moscow”, etc.)
– Metal structures such as towers, masts
– Chimneys and airframe skeletons
– Wooden constructions
– Products and structures from aluminum and PVC profiles

Works on the protection of structures and equipment
– rafter structures and roofing, waterproofing
– thermal insulation
– Corrosion protection

Finishing work
– Plaster, inner and outer lining
– Floors
– Joinery
– Stucco and decorative work

Internal and internal networks and voltage settings
– Voltage supply systems and networks

Installation of equipment and process devices
– Electrical equipment and voltage settings